Watch this video. See how easy it is to start making money by lending other people's money – in just a few hours a week...


Yanni Raz, CEO of HML Investments says...

Dear Future Hard Money Lender...

Hi, I'm Yanni Raz Founder and CEO of HML Investments and 
The Lion’s Group. Your time is valuable (as is mine)... 
so let’s cut to the chase.

If you’d like to learn how to start your own Hard Money Lender business and be closing deals in the next 7 days... 

So you can earn extra money to pay off your debts, or invest in real estate, or just have more money to sock away for retirement...
then you’re in the right place

This is important, so read this letter ALL THE WAY TO THE END.

 I’m here to give you the expert level training you need to build
 your hard money lender business (starting from absolute scratch and no experience) so you can have a reliable source of income. 
Over the years people have asked me to show them how to build their own hard money lending business.
They’ve seen the freedom and income I enjoyed – and wanted it too.

I've helped hundreds of people get out of debt, because I show them how to start their own hard money lending business.

I’ve helped them gain the confidence with my expert level training to do deals so they could create a reliable source of income and secure a comfortable retirement. 


There are A LOT of services you could provide for real estate property buyers and for investors. 
They can all make you LOTS of MONEY. Some take more time than others.

But from my past 15 years experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate the one that is the best way to make money is...

hard money lending.

Basically in real estate there are people with properties( developers, house flippers, owners) and investors that need people who can help them find each other. 

So there is a huge demand for people (like you) to connect these two parties together. 

After you find the client with a property and do the initial call that connects them with an investor who has funding, the deal is closed and you bank your commission.

Becoming a hard money lender takes only a few hours a week... or you can go full time if you like, it’s all up to you.


One big problem with investors is they have a hard time finding top properties to invest in that give them the highest return.

In a perfect world, an investor would love to be able to cut a check to pay someone... and have new deals to “invest in”.

Ask any investor and that type of service would be exactly what they’re looking for.

That’s why large investors seek out hard money lenders.

Once you know more about how hard money lending works you’ll see why becoming a hard money lender is a great way to start a very low investment business which can offer extremely large returns.

I’ll get into all this in clear and precise detail when you watch the training modules...
(And I’m living proof that building a hard money loan business can be easily done... because remember 
I knew really nothing about real estate or investing when I got started. I earned $500,000 my first year... )

Even better, the investment I made to get started was tiny compared to the high cost of buying a franchise or even starting an online business selling products.)

If you already know something about real estate financing – then you are well aware of how much time and effort is needed to secure financing for a new project. This funding search can eat up a ton of time if you’re not careful.

But with a hard money lender, even marginal deals can be more easily done – funding can be secured quickly sometimes even that very same day. 

So your commissions are paid much faster (in a day or two) rather than waiting for a real estate closing check that might take a month or more to be paid.

Can you see the big advantages here?


When you become a hard money lender, you're putting deals together by connecting investors to the money they need.

You can earn a commission ranging from 2% to 5% of the whole deal, just by networking and processing the paperwork!

And the best part. When you're the lender there's no selling involved. No convincing required. Your clients come to you, and you get to help them make tens to hundreds of thousands in profits.

For Example: Let's say you know a residential house flipper, and they need a loan for 150K to buy and rehab a property.  

You process the paperwork and pocket a fee of $2,000- $6,000! Just for processing the paperwork and connecting the buyer with the lender!

And if that investor does a deal a month? You're looking at a 30K per year income stream, on relative autopilot from just from a single relationship. 

The Hard Money Lending Academy includes All 25+ Hours of Video courses

Here's what you'll learn in the academy...

  • How To Get Hard Money Deals: finding deals will never be hard once you go through this course
  • Learning How Hard Money Lending Works: extensive Q&As with Yanni Raz to guide you on everything there is to know about hard money lending
  • ​How to Find Investors: Learn how to find private investors with hard money 
  • How to Service Loans: everything you need to know about servicing loans
  • The Best Ways to Insure Your Investors Money: learn the secret of cross-collateralization and how to protect your assets as well as your investors
  • ​Drawing Loan Docs The Right Way: learn how to draw your own loan docs and get all of my resources to help you with it
  • ​​How To Build A Team: Learn the art of delegation 
  • How to Deal with Fraudsters: Learn from my mistakes and how to identify potential scammers

The Hard Money Lending Academy will help you

  • Rule the Hard Money Market: you don’t just get to know how things work, but you get actionable strategies that, if followed, could turn you into the go-to hard money lender in your area.
  • Put Your Money to Work: through this program, you get to make use of my special techniques to put you and your investors’ money to work and get maximum ROI from it.
  • ​Make More Money Buying and Flipping: This training is for people that want to buy, flip and/or hold houses by using money from ordinary people just like you and me.    
  • Complete Roadmap: in this program, you get my proprietary techniques and a complete roadmap of making it big as a hard money lender. From done for you documents to complete roadmaps – this is a first-of-its-kind program, and you shouldn't be missing out on the opportunity.

I'm looking for partners to work with... 

The reason I made this course was to create partners. I would give you the course for free but that never works because no one takes it seriously when it's free. You'll value the course if you pay for it. 

So it's only a deposit of $997 for access to the entire course. And your first deal will pay for the entire course and more! 

If the “Hard Money Lending Academy” is not the easiest, fastest and most reliable way for you to start making money in real estate, then just let me know. 

What's the worst that could happen? If you pay for this deposit of $997 on your credit card it will cost you about $75 a month to pay it off. 

Even if you're terrible and it takes you 4 months to close your first deal, you'll only have paid $300 and made a couple grand on just the first deal! 

If you can afford to invest $75 a month then you can afford to take this course. I only charge for this course so that people take it seriously. 

Remember this… 

You’ll Get Expert Level Training From Direct from Me... 
I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to


 I’ve never shared this much valuable information ever before all in one place. Since I don’t want to cut into my private hard money lending business, I encourage you to claim your reserved seat now before I come to my senses and take this page down.

Regardless of where you are right now, my course gives you virtually unlimited opportunities to grow your income.

The only requirement? You need to be serious about living the “hard money lender” lifestyle.

If you’re unsure... then, please I don’t want your money. But if you’re ready to take your new business - and income to a whole new level, then the Hard Money Lending Course is the quickest, easiest, and surest way I know for you to get there.

I am SERIOUS about making you a success story in real estate through hard money lending.
(Regular Price $1,997)
But for a VERY Limited time... 
It’s Only $997!
 One last thing… I’m responsible for helping THOUSANDS OF MEN and WOMEN build their own income generating hard money lending business in just 7 days and do it with a very tiny investment compared to what you’ll gain!

Considering what you’ll know… the contacts you’ll make… and the expert level skills you’ll quickly and easily gain… the number of top people in this industry you’ll know how to contact… will significantly increase your income this year.

Your first deal will pay for your membership (in some cases many times over).

I can’t wait to see you on the “inside”.

Let me help you avoid my mistakes... 
and help you close your first deal
(Shorten your learning curve from years to just 7 days!)
Build an extra source of income you can be proud of 
 that will last a lifetime and secure your retirement...
Take Advantage of 
My Generosity!
Not $1,997 Today... It’s Only $997 

Here’s what Some of My student’s
have to say about the course...

Chuck D. 
Luis T.
Raf S.
Joseph N.
Guy A.
Art B.
Right now you can save your time and money by avoiding my mistakes and learning from my successes! So if you’re ready to stop trading your precious time for dollars, and want a business you can be proud to own that will last a lifetime and secure your retirement...

About Yanni

Founder and CEO of HML Investments and The Lion’s Group, Yanni Raz has set out to redefine Real Estate profession as we know it. Not only does he have a profound knowledge of the Real Estate and Lending industries, he also has a way of thinking outside of the box that makes the most nervous investor comfortable on all transactions.
From his humble upbringing in his native country of Israel, Yanni grew up as the oldest of three kids. He joined the Israeli Army at the age of 19 and soon after was involved in a devastating car accident that almost took his life. After the accident he was declared clinically dead but death wasn’t ready to take him. After staying in a coma for a few weeks, he woke up. He stayed in that hospital bed for close to a year with hopes of being able to walk and speak again. It was his committed personality and dedication that helped him to beat the odds, recover, and be able to continue a completely normal life again.

After his terrible accident, Yanni discovered that he wanted more from life and living in Israel wasn’t it. In the process of finding himself, he found his passion for music and that journey brought him to the street of New York. As an aspiring artist, he played his guitar on the streets and worked at restaurants to make ends meet. Visa issues eventually took him back to Israel for a period of time but that did not deter him from his American dreams. His next move was to Los Angeles, California to try and make it like all other music hopefuls with dreams of becoming famous. On his journey he discovered that LA was a tough market for an aspiring artist with no money. He was living on a mattress in a two car garage while working at a Starbucks in Malibu
hoping to catch a big break with a run in by one of the many visiting celebrities his store. It was behind this Starbucks counter that Yanni accidently found Real Estate and the opportunities that it offered, the money and success.

Yanni quickly became a successful Real Estate agent. However, soon after he changed gears to the lending industry because of the housing market crash in 2008. After the crash of the market, he realized he could find more stability and more money by becoming a Hard Money Lender and began recruiting his own group of private investors. From then on Yanni started to invest his own money in buying Real Estate and the sky became the limit. 

Now Yanni is focusing his energy and time to follow his passion in coaching others to reach their potential. He knows first hand that we set our own limits and we are usually the ones that are limiting and self sabatoging.

Yanni Raz is the author of three books: Unstoppable, Successful Flipper and Become a Successful Hard Money Lender.

When Yanni is not traveling, looking for new deals, or mentoring others, you can find him at local movie theaters or in restaurants in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids doing activities they enjoy as a family.
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