Are You Ready To be a hard money lender?
What You Will Learn From These Courses:
#1: What is Hard Money
The system, how it compares to regular bank loans, how do people use it etc.
#2: How Does Hard Money Actually Work? 
What types of deals go better with hard money, what are the risks, the mentality of the investors etc.
#3: Become a Successful Hard Money Lender
What you will need, how to build your team, practical knowledge from the professionals, and A LIBRARY OF DOCUMENTS (incl.).

The Courses:

1. How to draw your own loan docs
2. What are the best sources to draw loan docs
3. What are the key points to look for in the loan docs

4. Why LOE is crucial for your business
5. What is the most important addendum to attach to the loan docs

1. Introduction working with investors TD or a FUND
2. A FUND is important or not. Learn why
3. How to create your own FUND
4. Trust deed investors are crucial, Are they really?
5. How to get investors the right way
6. How and when to present a deal to your investor
1. Introduction
2. Why knowledge is your most powerful tool in this industry
3. Title insurance can help only if you do it right- extremely important!
4. Use the location to your advantage
5. Hazard insurance Can be scary if you don't have it, learn why
6. FUND control can be a creative solution if you just use it right.
7. what is skin in the game and why its so important
8. Cross collateralization- while most lenders don't know how it works, you will.
9. Your investors money is everything- protect it- summary
1. Why is it so important to service your loans?
2. Who are the major players you should know of?
3. Fees are the name of the game, but what is yours?
4. What software to use when servicing your loans?
5. Servicing summary 
1. Introduction to deal making
2. The importance of wholesalers in our business
3. Realtors are the blood of our industry- see why
4. How well do you know Loan officers? Start connecting
5. Why hard money lenders should be your best friends
6. Flippers and developers are looking for you- learn where and how
7. No one likes Attorneys but you do! learn why...
8. Accountants are so important, step in and connect today!
9. Getting deals the right way summary
This course its an extensive Q&A Session with Yanni raz. Tips and techniques most hard money lenders don't want you to know. A-MUST!

1. Who are these fraudsters introduction
2. Why to avoid too good to be true type of deals
3. Properties in default are amazing deals for some, is it really?
4. Your clients claim they are out of town. why its a sign for you?
5. Free and clear properties are money, but wait...
6. Abandoned properties can be a target. not for you!
7. Which appraisal is right for you?
8. when your appointment is scheduled you should...
9. You are not the only one to build a team. Who are these scammers?
10. What is the solution against fraudsters? 
1. Why Your team is your success- introduction
2. Who is the right Underwriters for you?
3. What makes you successful is your network. see why
4. How to hire salespeople
5. Should you add an appraiser or not?
6. Do you know any contractors? Well, get to work!
7. Learn the art of delegation
8. Your team is everything summary 

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